The Weight of Love


This stage built by Mother Nature, is a halfway house for the birds. I’d often seen birds in flight, carrying food in their beaks, stopped here to rest. They’d put down the food items they’d carried to rest a bit, then, carried them back up, hopped around, marched a bit, walking on, stopping, walking, stopping, then, flapping their wings, flown off afar. Sometimes, I’d seen that they had trying moments, carrying the food, I’d guessed, that they may just, give up in the end, or, simply, swallow what they’d carried whole, but, none of these had ever, happened. I’d always seen them, with this determination and stamina, clamped onto the foods, then, rushed off, toward home.

This small bite of food, is the feast of love that the birds prepared for their families, they’d carried the weightiness of their love, slowly, disappeared, into the skies.

So, this, is the awe in nature, but, maybe, the birds just caught too heavy a catch, that they were, having troubles, bringing the foods home to their families, and they may have mouths to feed as parents, who knows, but, from this, you can see, how humans have a way, of personifying all the other living creatures in the world, thinking they’re just like us, when maybe, the lower orders of organisms have a simpler motive for doing what they’re doing.


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