Traveling, is Such, a Grueling Task

Thoughts, translated…

For a lot of people, traveling is an item on their to-do list. As they’d arrived at their destinations, they’d cross that first, “Going Abroad” off their to-do-list, then, they’d followed that strict schedule and tried not to stray from it. Visited sight A today, let’s rush to sight B next, and, we’ll take the public transportation C there, and, eat at D restaurant, and buy the item, E too. Finally, we’d managed, to finish from A through E, the day had, come to an end, and, we headed, back into the hotel, and started, scheduling the next day, and, on our final day there, we’d made sure, we’d gone to ALL the shops we’d missed out on from before.

not my photo…

And finally, we’d managed, to complete everything on the “To-do list”, everything I’d wanted to eat, buy, all done. All of the cookies, the hair dryer, my parents asked me to bring, and all the gifts for my coworkers, CHECK! Everything, is packed up, and ready to go, in my suitcase. As everything was ready and set, you’d arrived to the airport, was ready to board your flight, and, the flight attendant told you, that your luggage had surpassed the weight limit, and so, you can only, open, unpack, take EVERYTHING out one by one, and, stuff them all, into that carry on that’s already, way too stuffed up.

Whew! Traveling, IS gruesome.

We thought, that after we’re away from the office, we can also, do away with those, “to-do” lists, but, the list we take with us on our trips are, way, way, WAY longer, than that long list of things to do when we’re at the office, and because we weren’t on that business trip with someone else, we can’t even, slack off.

We’d thought, that traveling is, relaxing that we can, go wherever we want to go, but, which trip had you taken, that was, truly, relaxing? If it’s a self-help trip, then, it would be, even more trying—without the group rides on the busses, you’d needed to, rely on yourself, wherever it is you go; and if you don’t speak the local languages, you’d needed to, play that game of charades, and even if the locals don’t take you for a fool, there’s a very high chance you’ll get cheated too. If you go to a tropical nation, and you were, walking down that street at two o’clock in the afternoon, with no shades, you couldn’t help, but remember the air-conditioning at the office, as well as that afternoon tea session. And oh, don’t forget, that comfy computer chair too.

for pleasure…

After a few trips like this, I’d realized, that traveling, is a torture, I’d just, rushed to and from this location to the next, buying this or that, looking at this and that. And now, if someone suggests, “hey, why don’t you go on a trip?”, I’d needed to think twice, weighing the pros and cons, which is better, becoming a couch potato, TV surfing, or going abroad for five days?

Even so, every time I saw those cheap airlines having the vacant seats, I’d pretended, that everything wasn’t happening, just, swiped. Or maybe, there’s that mystique to going abroad, no matter how tiring, it’d kept you, on it, again, and again.

So, this shows, TWO sides of taking trips abroad, and, it’s still all in your minds, if you take that “vacation” state of mind when you go abroad somewhere, then, naturally, you will be more able to, relax a bit, and, if you can, IGNORE all those requests from your family members, your relatives, your coworkers, your friends to buy me this or that when you get there, and just FOCUS on relaxing, you will not feel that traveling is such a grueling task anymore.

not my picture…


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