Traveling, without an Itinerary…

Being spontaneous here!!!

Traveling, without, an itinerary, there’s no hurry, to get to this sight by three o’clock, you can just, walk down those age-old streets with leisure, without any sense of hurry…

Traveling, without an itinerary, because having an itinerary means, that you are running, to meet some sort of a deadline, so long as you get to the airports, three hours (it is, three hours, isn’t it???) BEFORE your flights take off, you’ll be fine! Traveling without an itinerary, you get to experience this brand new city you’d never been to before slowly, with NO sense of hurry, just, take in the sights, breathe, deeply, inhale, and exhale!

not my photo…

Traveling, without an itinerary, it is, kinda dangerous, not knowing when everything’s happening, and, who knows what you’ll be meeting up on your trips, so, it’s still best, that you’d planned every single next step you take, but, what’s the FUN in that, living your lives, based off of some god DAMN rigid schedules, with absolutely NO expectations for the unexpected???

Traveling, without an itinerary, just take off somewhere, and, turn off your cell, so nobody you know CAN find you, so you’ll have an afternoon of leisure, getting lost, in your own trains of thoughts………


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