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36: In Zuo-Jen Chou’s “On Fate”, it’d mentioned Nagai’s “The Artistry of Edo”, there’s a passage he’d quoted, talked about why he’d loved the arts of the ordinary man, it was, quite moving, I’d read it, over, and over again, I’d written it down right here, “the movements and figures of the drifter women who’d sold for the sakes of keeping her parents well made me cry. Those geishas that leaned against the windows, looking at the passing streams, intrigued me. The midnight snack vendors’ lonely paper laterns left by the side of the river, made me intoxicated. The cuckoos that called out in these raining nights, the fallen autumn leaves in these autumn nights, the bells that tolled with the fallen flower petals, the snow that’s on the hills on my way out, everything that’s unimagined, unpredicted, and hopeless, making man sigh on how it’s only just a dream, everything of the sort, I’d felt, related to, and they all, awed me.”

Writing it word for word would probably be considered as plagiarism, but I’d really, wanted to share these words with you, and, there’s NO other ways I can say it better, so, I can only, copy the lines, word for word.

So, this, is how someone’s observations of the world around him that he’d written down had, touched someone from generations that came after the writer, and, because this original writer wrote in such a heartfelt state of mind, that, was why his writings managed to touch many people that read his work.

37: I’d never planted a fruit tree in my life, and now, there’s this dozen bushes of orange in my new front yard, the fruits made the branches lower all their heads.

In February, the white flowers had that strong aromatic scent that was, suffocating. The aromatic scent from “The Dreams of the Red Mansion” was actually not a good thing, meant that there’s too much of it, otherwise, the writer would’ve never used the wording, “attacked by”. But, only my picky nose felt attacked, I could never tolerate any scent that’s way too sweet, even those scent from the lilies, that are milder, I couldn’t tolerate.

B said that he’d known the scent of orange blossoms from when he was young, and that that sort of scent was always, aromatic and enjoyable for him. My friends, neighbors all gave commends on the scents of the orange flowers I had. A friend suggested that we go to Valencia, Spain, to see the orange blossoms, I was moved from before to do, but now, I’d lost the inclinations. I’d agreed with the Bedouins of the Sahara Deserts, “The best kind of air, with without any sort of scent.”

So, this shows a strong contrast, of how when you live closer to something that’s supposed to be beautiful, aromatic for too long, the beauty, the aromas are lost, it’d become, an intrusion, but if you’re like the friends who’d only come to the house to visit every once in a while, that scent became, more enjoyable, it’s basically, a philosophy of life, think about it, when you’re closer to something, you don’t appreciate it, and, when you can’t be near that thing, then, you’d, start, missing it, it’s only, human nature.


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