The Teachers Didn’t Have Time to Accompany Their Own Young, Used a Micro-Movie to Talk about the Love They Feel for Their Children

teachers who give everything to the classes that they’re teaching…

From the Newspapers, translated…

“Mom left me all alone, to manage my breakfast, because there’s a whole group of kids, waiting for her”, the Taipei Department of Education on Confucius’s birthday posted a microfilm, with the narrator being the daughter of a school instructor, that her mother would rush out the door, as she’d settled her daughter down, that her mother loved her students, like she’d loved her too, and, this showed the grander scale of love that teachers have for their students, from the angle of their own young.

The Department of Education yesterday showed the micromovie, “Mom, Play with Me!”, in the film, the daughter said with strength, “it’s okay, I can get my own breakfasts, because mom has more important things to handle”, seeing her mother rushed to school to act as a crossing guide for the students, grading the homework assignments, too busy, leaving the daughter all alone, to eat her own breakfast, to do her own homework, and, the story that this young girl told was, more than heartbreaking, but it’d showed the support that the child has for her mother too.

art from online…

This just showed, how much teachers have on their plates, they have their own kids too, and yet, because of their work, they often need to, neglect the needs of their own young, and head off early to school, to give the supports to the students, and this, is from the angle of a child whose mother is a school teacher, and, the dedications toward work these school instructors have, should NOT be ignored or overlooked one bit!

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