A Volunteer Crossing Guard Parent Volunteered for a Total of Twenty-Three Years with the Thoughts of His Own Daughter Being Able to Cross the Streets Safely

The dedication that got started, with the love for his own daughter, and it’d continued, for twenty-three whole years here, from the Newspapers, translated…

“Seeing a lot of students getting run over by cars, and the parents cried hard, but couldn’t find the people responsible, I’d felt a lot,”, Chou, who’d worked as a volunteer crossing guard parent in Si-Yuan Elementary School for ten thousand hours already, is the longest working volunteer in the city of Taipei; he said, back in 1993, when his own daughter was going to school, he’d fund, that there’s a huge problem with people fighting over right-of-way with the cars, that, was the moment that made him decide to start volunteering as a crossing guard parent, “I’d done this for twenty-three years now”.

Chou said, that when his eldest was going to Si-Yuan Elementary School, there wasn’t sidewalks by the school, that as the students go to and get out of schools, the cars would fight for the roads with the students, that it was, really dangerous, he’d helped set up a volunteer crossing guard team, the very next year, he’d fought for the funding from the government to set up a sidewalk system; later on, his eldest went to school in Wanhua Middle School, he’d helped set up a parent crossing guard volunteer team there too, and helped the schools’ crossing guard volunteers to work together.

「看到很多學生被撞、家長哭訴無門,感觸很深」,服務於台北新萬華區西園國小的周炳煌...the photo of the volunteer father who received the award, photo from UDN.com…

Chou suggested to the man in charge of the local borough, to connect the sidewalks of the elementary, middle, and high schools, to have a “Student Safety Sidewalk System”, so the students can get to school without fears of getting run over by oncoming traffic, and the local residents can also take strolls, killing two birds with one stone.

“That male student left an impression on me,” Chou mentioned how as he started working as a volunteer crossing guard parent, he’d bore witness to a student getting hit by a motorcycle, he’d immediately gone to the student to soothe him, called an ambulance for him, and from that time forward, he’d maximized the areas of services for the Si-Yuan Crossing Guard volunteer systems, to make public safety awareness a vital value for the community, “When he got married, he’d invited me to the banquets too!”

helping students get to school safely in the morning, not my photo…

Chou laughed and told, that he’d only wanted to help his daughter cross the streets safely, but, he’d never imagined that he was only a small employee of the company, to now, the man responsible, “I want to keep volunteering, until I can’t do it anymore!”

So, this, is the rewards of being a volunteer, you feel that you’re contributing to the world around you, making a differences in the lives of those you’d helped, and there’s a need for you, to provide the volunteer services that you’re providing, and that, is the drive to keep you, working as a crossing guard parent.

and making sure they go home safetly in the afternoon too…not my photo still…


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