Just Love Bows

Preferred styles of couture here, translated…

Opening up my closet, and you’ll find, that no matter what the clothes are, for winter or for summer, there would always be a bow behind the dresses that I owned, to help me bring out my curves more; and all of my dresses all had bows behind them too, to show that scent of elegance about me; even my shoes, they’d become, embellished, with those smaller bows as well.

This preference had, accompanied me for over thirty years on end already, every time I’d gone shopping with my daughter, as I’d locked my eyes on something, my daughter would joke, “there it is, your favorite style: bows, and, it seems, that you’ll be, spending a ton of money again.” And I’d always told her, “I’m already approaching midlife and still got the childishness inside, that means that I will never, age!” Actually, the reason behind me, loving all these bows is because I’d had memories that were, cherished because of the bows.

心情點滴就愛蝴蝶結 圖/蘋果紅from the papers…

I’d always remembered my elementary school classmate who’s pretty and intelligent, with pale complexion and red cheeks, with her two braids to the sides, the ribbons tied on the hair, wearing a small dress, with two small bows stuck to her white shoes. In the sixties, only the well-to-do gets to dress up like this, it’d meant she was from a rich family, and it’d made me who only had hand-me-downs envious.

Once, the school choir had a competition away, mandated that the students needed to have a white dress shirt with a bowtie and black dress shoes, after my mother learned, she’d immediately dropped work, and rode me into town on her bicycle to get them. Back then, I was ecstatic, this, was the very first time I’d gone shopping with mom, she’d compared the prices, and, in the end, she’d used the cheapest amount of money, to buy me what I’d needed, but she didn’t buy me that pair of real leather shoes. My mother told me apologetically, that there’s no extra money at home, that she can only buy the ones that are fakes.

there are so many varieties of bows that are available for us to choose from…

I’d hugged her waist, told her, “So long as I have a pair, it’s better than wearing my beat up sneakers, besides, it has bows on it.” On the morning of the competitions, my mother squatted down, and tied an even bow onto my collar, turns out, that my mother’s hands are not just good working in the fields, she also has a pair of bow-tying hands as well.

As my youngest aunt who was a seamstress learned that my mother wasn’t faring well enough, and felt back that three of us, her nieces always had to wear someone else’s hand-me-downs, she’d made three different small dresses from a green cloth, with small flowers printed on it. As I put on that dress, with the strings tied to the back into a bow, I’d felt like a princess in those fairytales, and ever since, I’d, fallen, deeply in love with the bows.

very elegant and exquisite, isn’t it???  not my photo…

After I married, my husband tolerated my styles, he’d said, “Thank heavens that my wife doesn’t love the name brands, and isn’t those ladies who go out to spend carelessly, and, every season, using some money, to pat yourself on the back, is more than necessary for you.” And, whenever he’d had the time, he’s always gone shopping with me, once he’d even joked with the clerks, “You have my wife’s favorite styles, bows, do call us up the next time there’s a sale.”, at that moment, I’d felt, very loved.

Recently, my son is getting married, as a brand new mother-in-law, naturally, I’d needed to, embellish myself in wardrobe too, my husband told me to NOT dress up like a drama troupe performer, that I will get all the attention away from the bride; this, was truly difficult, I’d gone to stroll in the malls, and finally, saw an elegant dress, without a second word, I’d asked the store clerk to wrap it up for me. As I’d returned home, I’d asked my daughter who studies designs to take a look, she’d laughed loudly, “You’d done it again, bows!”, I’d scratched my head, replied, “Can’t help it, I just, love bows, it’s my style!”

Thinking about it closely, the bows are like a lucky charm, tied around me, it’d made me believe, that so long as I wear dresses with bows, luck will always be mine.

So, this, is how deeply we’re all, affected by our childhoods, we started liking something from our childhood years for whatever reasons, and our preferences tend to stay with us our entire lives………


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