Blowing Out Those Candles…

She’d set the dinner table, for a romantic dinner for two, just her and him! And, she’d waited, like a puppy, for her owner, eagerly, by the doors for his return…

And, half an hour, an hour, two hours had passed, and still, NO sign of him, probably got tied up at work, she thought, and so, she got up, in her silky red dress, went around the dinner table, blew out, those candles, and, took the food that she’d used, three hours to make, to the kitchen, and, DUMPED it all, into the sink, then, turned on the garbage disposal systems!

how quickly fire can become nothing MORE than smokes…

Blowing out those candles, he’s not coming home! But, how, can he lie to me like that, this isn’t right! You just, don’t do that to someone you loved! And, she went to bed that night, angry…

She woke in the morn, after letting it all sink in, figured that she’d feel, less angered by his not being there last night, but, she felt even angrier, it’s like, years of having those, false promises, all, crumbled down, and, crushed her!

He finally walked in, dragged his tired feet, ‘cuz business trips were always, a BITCH, what he didn’t realize, was what’s waiting at home for him. The moment he entered into their home, he’d not sensed, that something wasn’t quite right in the air!

And, the moment she saw him, out of the corner of her eyes, she’d, let him have it! And, after getting grilled by his wife, for not calling, to tell her he was coming home late, he felt angry too, why was she making SUCH a big deal! It’s not like he wanted to be away, he was called away, for business, and, he’s only working, so very hard, to give her a good place to live in, in their five-star neighborhood, with the assortments of high-end furniture, appliances, and what-nots!

what it looks like, after love burned out…a burned up love 的圖片結果

And, surely enough, the candles are, completely, blown out by now, as this once-love became, no more! And, it’s still, an accumulation of past displeasures, she’d held it in, for so very long, not letting him know whenever he’d done something, to piss her off, and he, he just, assumed (which made him into a TOTAL ASShole still!!!) that her not saying anything, meant that everything was a-okay…………

And, this once-love became, NO more!


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