Butterfly, a Poem


It’s the Leaves that Refused to Fall in the Autumn

Also, the Dusts in the Air, that Wanted to Put on the Pretty Dresses

It is, the Peacock, Showing Off its Pretty Feathers in Midair

Unwrapping Its Own Radiant Springtime, Battling it Out with the Autumn Seasons

Reminds me of when I was a little child, chasing butterflies through the daisies.not my photo…

It’d Danced that Waltz

Taking in the Reflections, and Correcting Its Moves—

Dancing, It’s Its Most Radiant Sort of Silence

Also, the Most Lively and Free Kind of Flower that it’d Had

The Autumn Wind Who Was, Careless, Extended its Hands So Abruptly

not my sketch…

Wanting to, Pluck this Beautiful Flower Away from the Wind

It’d Gone with the Tempos, and Started Dancing Like a Ghost, Telling the Autumn Breeze———

That Its Groom that Had Just Enlisted, Had Gone to Hell Now

And that it Was, Willing to, Kiss the Wind’s Face, Begging the Wind, to Bring It to Hell with Her Love Too

And, in the Loud Applause that Resonated Through the Valleys

not my photo…

This Brave, Little Woman, Fell, as the Wind, Blew Her, into, a Muddied Hole

So, this, is the dedication of a woman, who’s willing to follow her true love to the ends of the world, and, this also showed, how love doesn’t turn out the way we’d planned, and, this butterfly probably ended up, DEAD, before it could, pass its genes on, because her heart was, too set on the love she’d lost………


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