Same Old Feeling…

Those same old feelings, they’d, come back ‘round again, and, they’d, caught me, off guard, just like they’d done, the times before…

Same old feelings, I can’t deal with them anymore, they’re a longing, desire, deeply seated, kinda thing, and lately, that old feeling, had been, yearning, inside of my heart.

not my photo..

Same old feelings, do I, feel about you, like I use to? Of course N-O-T, not since you’d, betrayed my trust, and, last time WAS, the VERY last time, I’ll ever, let you, back in again!

Same old feelings, I can’t erase them, I can’t, deal with them, I can’t, get rid of them completely, I don’t know how to cope, they’d become, too intense now.

Same old feelings, about that same old love, and that, is one that I’ll NEVER get over, because there’s no other, like that, very first love, and besides, you only fall in love for the very first time once………

Same old feelings, well, I’m glad to tell you, that I’d, cleansed myself of them completely, and, those same old feelings, are now, replaced, by, a brand new set of, never-before experienced, feeling!

not my drawing…


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