Experiences of life, translated…

We’re back in Taiwan for a month now, my husband told me, “I think I am, Taiwanized”.

“What? Taiwanized? What’s that?”

“I’m becoming more and more Taiwanese. Recently, I’d noticed, how after I bought coffee, I’d, placed it into the fridge, and I wouldn’t do that from before. Although seven years ago, the first time I was in Taiwan, I’d, noticed how your mom would, put everything into the fridge, coffee, rice, dried mushrooms, as well as the leftovers………but, I’d felt that was weird, so I didn’t do it. And, the coffees being left out becomes sour in taste, I’d not cared before. But this time, I’d, subconsciously, placed the coffee, into the fridge…”

not my photo

It’s true, there are, many aspects in my husband, that’s become, more Taiwanese, from the environmental influences, for starters, and secondly, it’d due to how he’d become, socialized to act more like Taiwanese. But, I don’t think, that this, is completely becoming, Taiwanese, instead, it’s like that cell phone that takes in the SIM cards from the various countries, in Taiwan, you’d, switched to Taiwanese mode, and in Poland, we’d, switched, back to Polish mode. For instance, for breakfast, he’s used to having cold bread and white or cheddar cheese for breakfast, and in Taiwan, he’d switched to fried pancakes with pork floss. (because cheese is very expensive here!)

In Poland, he’d only sorted the trash into “Recyclable” and “Non” (because there were only these two options there!), and in Taiwan, the plastic in one pile, the bottles, the cans, the papers, Styrofoam, and leftovers, and, although it’d taken him a very long time, to finally adapt to this (because there was no English guide for it on the website of the Sanitations Department, in order to explain it to him completely, I’d, translated the classification process to him in Polish!).

And, it seemed, that my son and I also have this switch too, my son loved his white cheese dumpling with sour cream (a sweet treat), and after he returned to Taiwan, he’d switched it to having cabbage dumplings with soy sauce and sesame oil too. In Poland, I’d gotten used to the leisure style of living, and after I’d come back to Taiwan, I’d, gotten caught up with the pace of life here, and would rush to handle all my businesses. And maybe, it’s because in Poland, I’d had the help from my husband, so I’d gotten the rights to feel more relaxed, and here, I’d needed to, handle everything on my own, and I am, the shoulder he’d leaned on to when we come back.

things we need to be aware of when living in a different country…not my “diagram”…

A few days ago, I’d taken my husband to get a cell phone in Taiwan (because we’re staying for longer this time, and it would be, less costly if he got a cell phone here), and, his cell phone is dual-SIMS card, and, in the variety of cell phone numbers, he’d selected a $500 N.T. prepaid card, I’d asked him why he’d not selected the $300N.T. one next to it? He’d told me, “the phone number for the card that’s $500 N.T. is easier for me to remember, with a five and an eight, that’s, good luck in Taiwan, right?”

“But, the $300N.T. next to it has two sixes, having sixes, you’d be blessed!”

“Haha, perhaps, I’m not Taiwanized enough yet. As I saw 66, I’d think of 666, that’s the digits for the devil in the Holy Bible”.

It seems, that humans, aren’t cell phones after all, and we just, can’t switch from mode to mode that easily. I’m thinking, that in our time here in Taiwan, we will, bump into more instances like this, due to not switching correctly.

So, this, is all on adaptation and adjustments that you’re making, to the environment you’re living in, and, it’s normal, that you’d switched, to a different mode of handling things when you’re at different places in the world too.


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