Lost Her Sight at the Age of Ten, She’d Worked Hard to Become a Teacher, and Now, Won the Award for Elitist Instructor

A woman who’d overcome the obstacles in her own life, and now, she’s touching, changing lives too!!! From the Front Page Sections, translated…

“I want to become a role model, to give the love I’d received once, to other children.” The Nanzi Special Eds School’s instructor, Tsui-Ping Lin, at age ten, had become blind, due to an illness, but, her life didn’t march into darkness, instead, she was able to, overcome the handicap she had, and became a sun that brightens up the lives, of many other visually impaired students. She’d worked in the field of special eds for sixteen years now, yesterday, she was awarded the “Elite Instructor Award” in the Fifth Education Love Awards.

The teacher who’d won, Lin, was diagnosed with Stephen Johnson Disease and became blind, but she’d never quitted her pursuits of knowledge because she couldn’t see. She said, she’s grateful, for all her teachers back in her schooling career, who’d shown her care and concern, as well as, encouraged her too, to make her not feel awful about how she couldn’t see, and since then, she’d wanted to, become a school teacher herself.

高雄市楠梓特殊學校教師林萃蘋,十歲時因病失明,但她的生命並未因此走入黑暗,反而克...the woman receiving the award for the former Vice President…photo courtesy of UDN.com…

Lin had come across a student who’d dropped out twice, he grew up in a cross-generation home, raised by his grandparents, and, became visually impaired from a car wreck when he was younger, and couldn’t interact well with his classmates, which caused him to not like school, after he’d dropped out for the first time in middle school, he’d come to Nanzi Special Eds school to study, and, within a semester’s time, he’d dropped out again.

Lin told, that the student rambled around for a bit, she’d found the student back, and realized, that because he couldn’t find anybody who would accept him, he’d started, losing his faith, his trust toward people around him. “I’d changed him with my sincerity, to let him know, that I really, do care for him.”, later on, the student was able to successfully finish his coursework, and, gotten a massage therapist certification, and found a way to support himself.

So, because this instructor had great instructors, and she’d wanted to help her own students have a better chance at a good life, that, was what’s driving her to work harder, to touch more lives of her students, and the award she’d won, was, rightfully deserved.


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