Many years, looking back, I’d often joked about the love we shared, being a microlove, the best friends who’d been single for years on end, tried, dating one another. It’s just, that the few short weeks’ worth of romance became like a dream, after we wake, we surely needed to, return ourselves, BACK to reality.

I still remembered the day you’d requested, I’d chimed in, how we should be together too, you and I had already shared the ups and the downs of our lives with one another already. And still, maybe, this sort of liking, taking to one another, would be hard, as artificial, and so, this microlove of ours, became a sort of a micro-film, only showed the important points, so it can, keep up the climaxes all the way to the very end, but, it’d, ended, too soon. You can make this forced love last long, so, why not, release one another, so we can find others suited for us even better.

not my photo…

But, I still not regretted being in this love with you one bit, at least, it was, a brand new kind of experience. I can’t tell, if both our hearts weren’t in it, or that we both, rushed, to want to get something out of it, that this probable love turned into, a microlove. Otherwise, holding your hand, allowing you to lean on me, it’s actually, a pretty good feeling.

And still, the love, for the sake of love, so simplistic, and although, it’d shortened the distances, it’d, made our original relationship change, that we can, no longer, face one another truthfully. And so, I’m thinking, it’s best, that we break up, as this, love is going down the wrong paths, and burying this love we shared for each other deep in our hearts.

This is more comfortable. Besides, it didn’t matter if we’re together or not, we will always be an important significant other in each other’s lives.

not my photo still…

So, you’d tried it out as lovers, and, it didn’t work, and, you might regret not keeping your relationship as simple friends, but, you’d taken a risk, and I just hope, that you don’t end up, less than strangers…


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