My Son’s Internship Opportunity Abroad

Seeing how much her son had, grown up, from his internship offered by his office, translated…

“Mom, wait until I’m back in Taiwan, I’ll cook for you!”, I’d become confused, in this video conference with my son, “What? You’re someone who thought instant noodles are, way too troubling to make, you are going to, cook for me?”, my son answered playfully, “don’t believe me, wait, then, you will see!”

not my photo…

Last year, my son entered into an internship abroad, he’d once shared with us, the questions his interviewer asked him, “Sun, if we were to send you to China for an internship, will you miss home? Will you be adapted?” “Are your parents okay with you, leaving them?” “Please make a self-introduction in English for us”. “If the company sent you to other departments to help out, will you do it?”, a few days later, the school posted the list of students who got the internship, and he was, one of them.

On the day my son flew abroad, with his suitcase in hand, as he was, turning around to get onboard his flight, although I’d felt unwilling to let him go, I’d still, smiled and patted him on the shoulders, “Work hard once you’re there!”

While he was part-timing in Xiamen, other than being taken care of by the company, he became like brothers with his coworkers too. In the spare time they had outside of work, they’d planned trips to visit the sights, made it to the tomb of the First Emperor of China in Shanxi, went to see the tombs of the great Empress of the Tang Dynasty, as well as the tomb of the Emperor in the Han dynasty too, and, made it to the over four thousand meters above sea level, to the plateau in Sichuan, and walked along the first of nine winding passes of the Yellow River too, and toured around in Kinmen. They’d also savored the tastes of the hot and spicy hotpots of Chunking, and the handmade noodles of the norther regions were his, favorite; in the past, he’d hated fruits, and now, he’s best friends with peaches and apricots, it’s, shocked me out of my pants for sure.

not my photo still…

What’s worth mentioning was, the company party last year in Xiamen for the 3,500 workers, my son stood on stage, tall, as he, announced the performers one by one, it was truly, unbelievable to me. As his manager pushed him to, he’d started dancing with the wife of the C.E.O., alongside all four of the officemates he had, they’d gained applause all around, and, the company gave him bonuses, made them really happy.

Time flew right by, my son’s year-long internship abroad is about to, come to an end, other than learning from work, and in life, he’d also, gained an important lesson in interpersonal relations as well. He said, that his manager would from time to time take them home on weekends, and cook for them, and now, he’s no longer that big boy who couldn’t boil up water, as for how good a cook he’d become, well, we’ll just, have to see when he gets back here.

So, your son flew solo, and, this solo trip on his own, he’d gained the ability to become more independent, and could handle the things you never imagined he was capable of, this just shows, if the parents don’t let go, then, the children will NEVER have the skies to soar under, to know how high they can all, fly…


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