The Sunflower Shaped Streetlamps

Visiting to a landmark in the city of Taichung, translated…

Section two of the Freedom Road in Taichung had been, the first battle field for the local specialty item, the sun cakes, and now, there were, sun-shaped cute streetlamps installed on it, adding more life to the streets.

台中市自由路二段向來是台中名產太陽餅店家的「一級戰區」,如今更有以太陽花為主題的...the landmark…from the newspapers.

The sun cakes was first made in the Qing Dynasty, back then, it was called, “malt cake” or “soaked cake”. As for why it came to be called “Sun cake” there are, different interpretations, some say, that it was, the round shape of the pastry, with the seal of the shops imprinted on it that made it looked like the sun. And there’s this three keys to good tasting sun cakes, “outer shells, thin, crispy, the fillings, soft.”, stressed that you can eat it dry, or, soak it up in hot water or milk, it’s all, delicious.

Because of the Sun Cake Pastry shop’s gained a reputation, the city of Taichung wanted Freedom Road Sec. 2 to have a new landmark, they’d used some thoughts, and, came up with sunflower-shaped street lamps.

The color of the lamp was from the real sunflowers, yellow, and green, and, the design, very simplistic, yet, still, elegant, with one sunflower, tilted, toward the skies, and two lamps that gazed downward, and the poles were carved, to add that little more elegance to them.

sunflower shaped street lamps 的圖片結果a photo of what that might look like, from online…

On the busy streets, the sunflower lamps not only helped the locals recalled the legends of the sun cakes, also added to the sights of the city as well.

So, this, is the history of a food item, and, the local government utilized the histories, and some creativity, and, beautified the streets, that just shows, how a little thought can go a very long way…


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