A Super Convenience Shop, a Short Prose


His wife told him she wanted a stewed egg of tea leaves. He’d set out, very, unwillingly. As he bought the egg, and was, exiting the super convenience shop, he’d heard loud arguing voices, a woman was, yelling into her cell phone, “You want to go with her, you love her, is that it? How is that, fair to me?”, it’s time for almost everybody to be asleep, in the midnight hours now, but, this woman seemed to totally disregard how she might be too loud that it’s, disturbed someone else’s sleep, she kept repeating, “How are you fair to me then?”, she’d reminded him of his own wife, someone who loved, grilling him too, a psycho bitch who’d, disturbed him in his sleep. He’d left the woman behind now. But, the night became, too quieted, and, she had, a very loud voice, and so, he’d still, heard her ranted on and on, “How can you treat me right?”, then, all of a sudden, he’d made up his mind, on divorcing his own wife, because he did not want to keep taking it all in, keep on, mistreating himself, he’d not wanted to become, his own wife’s 24/7 super convenience store any longer.

So, all of this, was what this man realized, about his own marriage, from his trip to get his own wife some food in the midnight hours, and this marriage still didn’t break up overnight, it must’ve gone on like this, for a very long time, and, the woman yelling into the cell phone, became a reflection of this man’s own marriage, and, as he walked away from the woman, screaming into her cell phone, he’d made up his mind, that he’s, had it, that he wanted, to be free!


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