The “Leftover Woman” Who Was Proposed to…

from the movie, photo found online…


After watching The Last Women Standing, I’d felt a strong connection with the cougar portrayed by Shu Qi, Ru-Xi’s path to finding love. I’d not married until I was thirty-five years old, before that, I was jokingly nicknamed, “Joan of Leftover”, and in the movie, the female lead’s sighing about how she couldn’t overcome being single as she aged, it’s as if, I saw a reflection of my self.

And, I’d followed the path of the character of the female lead, gone out with a doctor who’s gotten all the good points about him, but nothing common with me to talk about; and heading to a matchmaking, and I’d gotten scorned for not having pretty legs, and dressed in mini-skirt; and, after I’d turned down the offer of introduction to a retired school principal who’d wanted to live in a marriage by my elementary school classmate, I’d earned my rep of being “difficult”, and “setting my sights too high”. But, at the end, I’d still, marched into marriage.

My husband was a coworker for over ten years’ time, there’s nothing literary about his squarish face at all, and I’d never thought highly of him; and, he’d felt, that I was, too spoiled, not good wife material either. And so, the two of us, who’d felt that we were, improper for one another, got along from day to day, and after my return from my New Year’s trip home, he’d invited me out to my favorite meal, roast chicken, and, turned serious on me, asked me, if I was, seeing anybody? I’d half joked on how I needed him to set me up, but, he’d started ranting on and on, about how hurried his parents and relatives were, to see him get married, and, seeing him, I saw a reflection of me inside of my mind; seeing how, I’d not have anybody steady, why not, marry him then?

What? Is this, square face, proposing, to me now? I can totally, imagine how dumbfounded I looked, with the chicken, half-chewed up in my mouth, “I’d, liked you, for a very long time now, and I just, couldn’t find the timing to tell you so, I will love you, forever, if you marry me.” In that dim light, I could feel, his gentle gaze, and, there’s that scent of, “the one meant for me, is right there, underneath the lighting”. Later on, we’d, finally, married and started, our family together, and, the thirty years of marriage, had gotten, rained down from time to time, but, because we’d loved and respected, and cherished one another, the rain always, didn’t, last long.

Affinity, it’s, a really weird thing, like finding what you’d lost once, you’d searched, everywhere for it, and, just when you thought of giving up, it’s, appeared, quietly. Just like Ru-Xi’s dad stated, you want a marriage that’s, regretless, real love is worth the wait. And, if you are, one of those, ladies who are still single, DO love and cherish yourselves, I will wish you, the best of luck, in finding the right man to marry.

So, this, is how love can find us, so, unexpectedly, and, this woman didn’t even feel that initial attraction to her husband at first, but as they’d, interacted together from day to day, they’d, realized, that they were, right for each other, and they had, started a family together too, finding her own true love here!



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