My Coworkers’ Children are an Actress and a Singer

On the pursuit of dreams, translated…

It was, hard for me to imagine, that that once annoying little kid who’d come to the offices to wait for her mom became, a star.

My coworker’s daughter, since her elementary school years, after school, she’d come to the office, and worked on her homework assignments by herself, waiting, for her mother, to get out of work, she is a quiet, well-behaved child, who’d sometimes, help us run our errands, and answer the phones too, very capable and well-behaved, she’s, loved by everybody at the office.

But, since she’d started going to middle school, she’d shown up less and less, every time we saw her, she’d become, prettier, and prettier, very eye-catching, and her baby fat from when she was younger, all disappeared too. We’d joked with our coworker, that “the apple fell from outer space”, and she’d told us, that her daughter was a combination of both her and her husband’s good qualities.

One day I saw a commercial on television, and, the female lead of that commercial looked, very familiar. The very next day, we’d all got into guessing mode, someone was certain, that it was, her, while others believed, that it was, just someone who looked like her, that a girl couldn’t turn overnight, into looking like a woman.

But, during that time, my coworker was, absent, and we can’t, cross check our beliefs, and, we’d started a bet. As my coworker came back to work again, the answer is revealed, the lead in the commercial was, her daughter, and it’d started when a scout saw a photo of her, in a photography shop. At first, she was, against it, but, her daughter begged AND pleaded with her mom—promised that she would not let her grades slide, that it was, just for a TV commercial, that she’d not want there to be any blank pages on her own life, and so, my coworker went with her daughter to the auditions, that, was how this television commercial came into being.

The journey of life is filled with amazing things, after the commercial became a hit, her daughter received a ton of offers from numerous agencies, but my coworker feared, that the field of acting is a huge dyeing pot, and feared that her daughter will need to weather through the hardships on her own, but, it was, a hard-to-come-by opportunity, a ton of people would, DIE for this chance. After several years, my coworker’s daughter showed up in several soap operas and Taiwanese soap operas too, and her daughter followed the rules of keeping herself well, and, we’d all called our coworker, a real, mom-star now.

And, the coworker from another office next door in the sale’s department, her son started, acting too. Her son was one of those, late bloomers, we knew he’d loved music from when he was just a kid, and, he’d gone to related major too, but, we’d not heard of him, being in a band, until she’d posted on Facebook, that her son has a CD out now, and hoped that we can buy it, then, we’d, congratulated her.

And, although the traditional music industry had been on the decline, replaced by the digital music, before the man who’d helped made him a star came into his life, my coworker’s son’s band had, taken money out of their own pockets to make the demo tapes, and, they’d earned a living on and off, by performing at random places, but, this group of young men were, undeterred, and so, my coworker can only act as her son’s backup, and quietly, supported his dreams.

singers movie stars clipart 的圖片結果not my picture…

In the Golden Music Awards this year, everybody congratulated her own how her son’s band had earned numerous nominations, and, we’d glued our eyes to the television for SIX whole hours, and finally, my coworker’s son’s band had, beaten all their competitors and won, and everybody was, sharing his glory; but, in just two months’ time afterwards, my coworker’s son flew solo, because of a disagreement on how the group’s music is going.

Showbiz is constantly changing, just like the stock markets, only through upping your own skills, making yourselves better by the day, and when the opportunities came, you’d still shine through. We all consoled her, that children will have their own blessings, and, we’d wish these two star mothers the best.

down the red carpet…

So, we have, young people who aren’t afraid to chase their own dreams, and, although, there may be, difficulties along the way to stardom, so long as these two young people STICK to their choice and work hard, I’m sure, that they will, shine on, brightly…


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