The One You Put on a High Pedestal…

You know that one, the one you just, couldn’t, get over completely? The one who’d, left that, huge impression on your life, that impacted you still???

The one you put on a high pedestal, I wish it were me, but it weren’t, and, we are still, the best of friends, like we’d been from the start. But, I’d wanted, to be more, it’s just, that I’m afraid, of jeopardizing what we already have, which is, a very good relationship. We liked one another, mutually, and, it just, hurt too much, to think about how if we fall out, we can’t even, be around one another anymore.

not my picture…

The one you put on a pedestal, where is she now? Oh wait, she ran off, with that other guy, didn’t she? And you’re, left with what again? Nothing, but a broken heart!

And after this, I’m thinkin’, that you will, think more than TWICE, before you put someone else on that pedestal again. The one you put on a pedestal, does s/he feel the same way about you? If not, then, why you wasting time on her/him? Just move on already!!!

The one you put on a high pedestal, once that person gets placed on that high pedestal by you, you will always BE comparing whoever you’re currently dating, to the ideal of how that perfect love is, and, you’ll always, get disappointed, because everything ALWAYS falls short of expectation…

holding someone in high regards 的圖片結果not my painting…



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