The Whole World is Raining


The sun’s already gone down, but the instructor of the cram school is still talking nonstop, before the bells rung, the rain, silently, slipped, in, first, one drop, then two, onto the ends of the hair, it’d, made the tip of his nose wet, then, the rain got crazy, passed through the blinds, dripped on, started shouting out at the world now.

what’s going on outside…not my photo…

Other than him, there’s, no other student inside the classroom of the cram school had noticed the rain, inside everybody else’s ears, were the buzzing of the air-conditioning, along with those stack of pencil marking tests, along with the pencils that glided across the papers, mixed in with the sweats, performing that symphony of fate with the cicadas as, the harmony.

Then, even as the rain drizzled down during dusk, entered into, that soft, fragile heart, slowly, took over this, entire, city of sadness, inside the classrooms of this cram school, the endless number of, incarcerated souls, still became unaware.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, don’t know how long’s it been, he, who hung on the wall, at dusk today, saw the skies, outside of the classrooms of the cram school, heard the songs of freedom of the clouds outside, and the sound of those cries, for don’t know who, by the rest of the entire world.

what’s going on inside…not my sketch…


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