The Void, a Poem and Analysis


The Emptiness, the Void

Just Allow it to Be

Not Filling it Up with You, Not Filling it Up

With Food, Something Spiritual, or Even, a Corpse

If the Wind Enters

If the Wind Blew Inside of It

Then, There Would be that Sound of the Void

Coming, from the Void Space

The Sound that’s So Famished

Even So, I Still Wouldn’t, Stuff it Back Up with the Memories

I Have, Enough Memories, to

Fill Up All that Void

Here comes the “dissection” from a someone in the literary field…

“Void”, is a sort of a concept, and you can’t measure it in physical terms.

The poet, is a female poet who’s living in Hebei right now, her beliefs about writing poetry is that “it’s a process of losing weight, a self-cleansing process. At the same time, it’s how the narrator’s standing up against the world, the inability, to reach a settlement with darkness”, “telling the secrets, and NOT just looking AT the surfaces of things”, the poets are the ones, discovering, and disclosing the secrets to the rest of the world”, “You need to write the poems, as if you were taking a breath, but without the replication of the same behaviors, and the key here, is doing this, without oneself realizing”, and, “a poem has to wait, for someone who’s right to come along, to decipher, to understand it, so the meanings can be learned.”

So, this, is on how a poem had come to be written, and, the poet’s experience is unique to only her/himself, and the results can’t be, replicated or duplicated, because the poem is the poet’s state of mind at that very moment of encounter, which is what makes poems interesting to dissect.


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