Should She Let Go of Her Boyfriend Who Rants Incessantly about Her?


Should I, or, shouldn’t I, let him go??? A Q&A, translated…

Q: He Who Lacked that Sense of Security, Kept Me Tied Up Again and Again…

Ms. F, who’s now, STUCK, wrote, said that the man who’d pursued after her, A, was a man with absolutely NO sense of security, any small number of things, can rouse a whole lot of emotional response in him, it’d made her feel upset, and unsettled. For instance, she lived farther away, once, she’d asked her ex to take her back to her place to get something, A learned about it, and scolded her, “You just keep on whoring around, you took me for a fool!”

But at other times, A is, more than likeable, they shared common interests, when they first met, F thought that A is optimistic, but she couldn’t foresee how after they’d started dating awhile, they’d started fighting a lot, and would break up, get back together, break up, get back together, again, and again.

Once, their arguments got to the point where they were about to break up, F sighed, that maybe if they’d stayed friends from the start, it would’ve been a whole lot easier, after A heard, he’d gotten furious, “You’re too selfish, love nobody ELSE but yourself, enjoyed all the attention that someone showered onto you when he’s pursuing you.” The very next day, A wanted to get back together with him, but F didn’t budge, then, A started, giving her the sarcasms and mockeries, “I’m thinking, that you’re, more fitted with your ex, had I known sooner, I would’ve done what everybody else advised me to, NOT wasted this much time on you!”

Actually, everything that F and A got into arguments about were the smaller matters in life, for instance, how F would save her spare time to her friends and her families, making A feel, that F didn’t like him enough. F gave someone else a ride in the passenger side, and A started questioning if she’d not wanted other people she knew about their relationship. Once, A told F to wait for him for supper, but, totally forgot to tell F, that he was working late at the office that evening; and once, when F fell ill, wanted A to come home to spend time with her earlier, but A still hung out with his friends until the wee hours of the night.

F has no idea, how to handle this sort of constantly on the verge relationship with her boyfriend.

except, that the genders are, reversed here…not my picture.

A My Advice

A has, absolutely NO faith in F, F is responsible for half the situation, if you’re NOT sure of your relationship statuses yet, then, don’t ask those things that only people who are dating would of one another, slow your paces down a bit, observe him a little bit more. If you really want to be with him, there are, two things you need to consider: first, A’s temper, he is, very straightforward; secondly, F didn’t take things into consideration enough, called up her boyfriend, when it was, convenient, naturally, they’d started, fighting about it. And, clearly, F has doubts on A’s emotional management, and seeing how there’s, this gap between the two of you now, it’s best, that you should, let him go for now.

So, the problem is entirely on this woman, she couldn’t clearly state to her boyfriend, what sort of a relationship (exclusive, dating, or whatever???) that she wanted from him, and this man is way too insecure, and, he is also right, on how the woman just, wanted to enjoy being placed on the pedestal, to be pursued, to be treated like a princess, I mean, who wouldn’t, want someone else, to shower you, with all of his attention, right??? So, the problem is mostly on the woman here, but that’s just, my opinion!


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