My Secret Hiding Place


Every child has a secret hiding place of hers or his own. When I was in the fourth grade, my best friends from my class and I built up our own secret hiding place of three in the weeds out back on the hills of my house. Every time we have the afternoons off, we’d returned to this small den of ours in the hills, to see if the rocks we’d moved in were still in there? And if someone destroyed the covers outside of our small place? Then the three of us would, sit in the dents, and satisfactorily smiled at one another.

So many years had come and gone, and I’d lost track of all my best friends from the days of old, but, I’d still kept longing for, kept desiring this secret hiding place of mine. After I married and had my child, I’d often run into the bathrooms, shut the doors, then, it’s a world of my own. Sitting on the toilet, lost in my own train of thoughts, clean up the stains on the floors, or, watering the evergreen plant by the windowsills; and, in a short hour’s time, my daughter’s chubby hands would, tap the doors lightly, mentioned me, that it’s time, for me, to return, back to the noisy world.

緊湊忙碌的日子裡,暫回秘密基地充電,絕對必要! 圖/Dofaphoto from the papers

As I’d returned to work, I’d used my lunch hour, to explore as much of my surrounding environment, there was, this salon owned by this younger woman, she’d posted a ton of photos of her family on the walls, and, we’d chit-chatted on everything in our lives, our families, goings-on of our lives, as well as our own pets, and, we’d become best pals who carried on in conversations regularly. Back then, I felt singled out by my coworkers, and would often eat my meals all alone, and this small salon became, my fortress of warmth.

Later on, I’d worked in sales, and every time the meetings are over, my coworkers would all, rush out with their briefcases, to visit their clients, sometimes, I couldn’t find a client, and didn’t want to head home so early, and I’d worried, that people would think, that I’d have it so easy at work, I didn’t have any cases, that my future is so bleak! But, what can, a middle-age woman like me go?

There was, the environmentally friendly library that waved its hands at me. I’d taken my drinking cup, and my iPad, and sat there, thumbing through the books, just relaxing, staring into space, write, fall asleep. As I selected the books, I’d stepped lightly, onto the clean hardwood floors, feeling that sense of serenity in me, and, as I’d, bumped into the tour groups who’d came in for a visit, from the way they looked at me with envy, I’d felt, even more relaxed.

a cozy little place you can have all your own…not my photo

As the day comes to an end, I’d walked to the MRT stations, and bought those, freshly baked egg tarts, strolled the night time marketplace, buy the produces to bring home to cook. As I’d bumped into a neighbor, he’d asked, “You’re off work?”, “Yup!”, I’d said, matter-of-factly, in these busyness of the day to day, retreating back to my secret hiding place for a recharge, it’s a must!

So, this, is how a woman finds some ME time, and this, is absolutely NECESSARY, not just for women, of course, but, we women have more to handle, we carry our multiple roles of mother, daughter, wife, and sometimes, the demands get too great, and mommy just, needs a BREAK! And this woman had, clearly found her way, to get away from the noises of the day to day.


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