The Pains of the Foster Care Families: the Long Road to Adoption

There are really good parents, who actually want these children, and gave them that sense of stability, and yet, the adoption priorities goes to the people from abroad, why is that, huh??? From the Front Page Sections, translated…

“Baby said Don’t Go,” Mama Yeh cried and pleaded, “How can the foreign parents love them like we do?”

“Mama, don’t let me go…”, the five-year-old foster child, “Baby” (a false name) was led away from his four-year foster home by the social workers; he was about to be adopted by American parents, waving goodbye to his foster mom crying. It’d been six months since, his foster mom, Yeh, as she’d recalled how hard it was to say goodbye, she’d still felt that wrenching pain inside.

not my poster…

In order to fight for Baby’s adoption, Mama Yeh started battling the Pingdong County Government that believed that it would better for Baby to be adopted out of country in court; the District Courts of Tainan recently took back the permit for Baby’s adoption abroad, but the Pingdong County Government fought the rulings; it’s still an unknown, if the foster mom will pass through the requirements for adopting “Baby”.

“Why is it so hard, from fostering children to adopting?”, Mama Yeh just couldn’t understand it, she’d started crying ever since Baby was taken from her, lost over twenty-two pounds already; she’d questioned, why are the laws that were supposed to protect children’s rights, those laws that are used to prevent selling children, giving the foster families such a difficult time?

She’d stated, that ever since her forced separation from Baby, she’d not heard from him, and she’d inquired about him to the related agencies, the agencies all refused to tell her anything, later on, she’d learned from the social workers, that after Baby was taken to his second foster care family, as the family members took him out for a walk, he’d once asked a pedestrian for help, “I was taken away by the bad people, I’m going to get sold…”, and hearing the thoughts of this young boy, it’d broken, Mama Yeh’s heart.

a child being taken away from her foster family in a tribal battle because of her heritage, this was from the States…photo from online…

Mama Yeh said, that since Baby was just two-months old, he’d come to live with her, that she’d taken him to the hospitals a lot since he was weakened as a young child, and had the ritualistic temple exorcisms done on him until he was almost three years old; she’d told the social workers several times that she’d wanted to adopt Baby, but the County Government and the Welfare for Children Funds ignored her again and again, “No matter how outstanding those foreign parents are, are they as close to Baby as we are?”

She’d stated, that based off of the rules of fostering children, they’d needed to file for adoption through Welfare for Children Funds first, and after the Welfare for Children Funds had told them the procedures of adoption, and they’d showed that wi8ll to adopt, then, they’d needed to get examined, to go through interviews and a series of procedures too, to evaluate if the family was fitting enough to take the child in, then, the process of adoption in or out of country will finally begin, but the social workers never gave her any forms to fill out.

This March, the social workers told her, that Baby was already adopted out by the courts to an American couple, and showed her an agreement for her to sign, “It was like, the world came to an end all of a sudden!”; there was a space that’s left blank, but later on, it was added, that she had “no intentions of adopting”, and the interview notes stated, that she and her husband “were inconsistent on adopting the child.”

children waiting to be adopted, looks sad, doesn’t it???  Photo from online.

So, this, is some sort of a conspiracy, that children here, who are placed in foster care wanted to be adopted by the foster care parents, but, the courts had, given the foreigners the priorities to adopt, and, they’d pulled this young child away, from a stable home background, and there was nothing that these loving foster parents can do, because they were only supposed to give these kids a safe environment to live in for a short while, as foster parenting is something that’s temporary…


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