An Optimistic Outlook for Life After the Retirement

Difficulties adjusting to doing almost NOTHING after retirement, the attitude adjustments of having work before, and having NO work now, translated…

In the busyness of the office, I saw Yun, spoke into the phones, “I’m busy, really, very busy right now!”, but after the conversation ran longer, she’d frowned and said, “Fine, I’ll be there later tonight then!”, I knew, that it was, her dad, naturally, as she put down the phone, she’d told me, that her father had a relapse in his depression again, she’d needed to rush home to Keelung, otherwise, her father wouldn’t eat or drink anything.

Yun’s father had retired from the workforce for a long time, from before, he’d worked as a high-level executive manager, but after he retired, he’d become, depressed, his children all came up with the plans, took him out, and, he was getting better, but the vicious cycle kept on returning. And this time, Yun’s father asked to head back home to China to visit a distant relative, although Yun’s mother pleaded with him that he should wait until he’s a bit healthier, then go, but, he’d, objected to her by stop eating completely.

looks leisurely, doesn’t it???  It’ll get boring, soon enough!

Yun is a very good daughter, she knew that what her father wanted, as his kids to show more cares and concerns toward him, wanted to be paid attention to, because even as his wife is right there next to him, without work, he’d lost that sense of achievement, and can only feel important, with the good things his kids say about him at home. Although for Yun, soothing her father, is an uneasy task to manage, but it’d bring her many comforts as well, it’d become, a sort of a responsibility, for her, to hear her father pouring his heart out, a sort of, paying him back for raising her, and so, Yun would always remain patient and heard him talk on and on, and on.

I think, that a lot of people, after they retired, they’d left the busyness of work all of a sudden, believed, that life would be relaxing and easier, but instead, they’d felt, that strong sense of loss; why not just, learn to live more slowly, after all, retirement means, that you no longer needed to rush, that you can, reflect on your own life, to chew your own lives over. If you can, change that anxiousness of losing work, into showing more care and concern to those around you, living in the moment, life after retirement would be, fulfilling too; after all, other than work that’s making life more meaningful, there’s also the interactions shared with your loved ones too.

things we can do after we retire…not my photograph.

So, this man is having difficulties, adapting to life after the retirement, because he used to be a bigshot in the office, and now, after he’d stopped working, he’s, nothing, that, is why he was, getting on the nerves of everybody around him, and becoming depressed, because he’d lost, that sense of the self, that purpose in life, and, with a little time to adjust, picking up on some hobbies, this can, all get better, without ANY medication too!!!


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