Her Very First Certification, She Hoped to Give Back to the Community

The experience of a woman who “graduated” out of the caretaking program offered by the female penitentiary, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

“This is my very FIRST certification”, Shui and Bai who both only had a middle school graduation, and were both imprisoned for drug-related charges, became the very FIRST group of Long-Tang Female Penitentiary’s recipient of the certification of completion; Bai stated, that her mother also worked as a caretaker, she was so glad, that she was able to get certified before she got out of jail, if there’s the chance, she’d loved to help other classmates to get their certifications too, so they can work together, alongside one another.

At age forty-one, Shui managed to quit abusing drugs successfully, but she had an outstanding warrant of drug related charges on her, which she never reported to serve the time in jail, she was caught by the police last year, and sent to prison, she said, “Even if the sentence was only for a little over a year’s time, I’d still needed to serve it fully.”

During the time of her outstanding arrest warrant, Shui needed to work two jobs to support her family, in the mornings, she’d gone to the breakfast shops, in the afternoons, she’d gone to a dumpling shop, during the time when she was serving time in prison, her family members would come to visit her every single week, she’d said, she was so blessed, to be chosen for the long-term care training program, and during the time of her exam-prep, she’d stated, “This, is the hardest time I’d ever worked to study, the most fulfilled time of my life.”

Bai, who’d scored perfect scores for all her exams, is also forty-one years-old, she’d entered and exited the prison systems on drug-related charges over and over, five years ago, she was sent to prison again, she said, she’d once learned alongside her mother who’s already a caretaker, that she, being up for parole next February, she successfully passed the certifications for becoming a professional caretaker, this was very meaningful to her, she can not only carry the torch of the work her mother’s been doing her whole life, she can also, give back to the community, and, if in the future, she’s able to, she’d loved to become a lecturer, to help her fellow classmates with passing their certification examinations as well.

So, these women had, found themselves, through the trainings offered by the nursing program that’s set up with the women’s penitentiary here, and, being certified for them (or anybody else for that matter!!!), is a HUGE achievement, especially when there’s this, increasing need for caretakers of the elderly population right now, these women, after they’d served their time, can make a difference in the lives of other people, to help the members of the elderly population live out their lives more easily.


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