Left Blank…

These pages of our memories, left blank, ‘cuz there isn’t really, anything worth remembering (for me), that’s, shared by us…so, I’d, left it, blank!

Left blank, ‘cuz, there’s nothing left for me to say to you no more! I got nothing, there’s just, nothing I feel for you, I used to get so angered about what you did, but now, I just, don’t feel anything at all, perhaps, I’d, become, too numbed out already? Who knows? I really, can CARE-LESS here.

yeah, it’s, just like that…not my brackets…

Left blank, these pages, of our lives together, the only thing we shared, was that fake and phony wedding day photo, holding each other tight, gazing lovingly into one another’s eyes, and, the photographer, along with ALL the guests at that “funeral procession”, never even knew, we were, merely, putting on that SHOW for everybody who was there to bear witness, to us, signing our own DEATH warrants.

Left blank, it’s, already DONE, I’d, erased ALL traces of you from my life, and now, even as we bumped into one another on the streets, I still, won’t recognize you, ‘cuz, I’d, erased you from my mind, since………gosh, it’s, so god DAMN long ago, I can’t even recall W-H-E-N already………


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