The Plants that Grew on the Tenth Floor


The Dust, that’s, our permanent home, including for the humans, as well as the vegetation too, the farther away from the natural dirt, the more we’re all filled with that homesickness, the more longing we have, of getting closer to nature. Living high up on the tenth floors, having some potted plants, that’s a way, to be closer to nature. The potted soil I’d brought over from my former residence can be used and reused over and over again, until it’s completely used up, then, I’d come up with, an alternative, to fill up the holes.

For the small, delicate lives of the weeds and the flowers, the pottery pots were their housing, and the only furnishing they have, is the soil, watering the potted plants twice a day, and fertilizing once every week, is the primary source of nutrition that they all have, the natural driving forces to grow for these small green warriors, once they were touched by the water, they’d all, come back to life again, started growing hard, never stopping, even though, they’re all, ten stories above the earth, their mother, their life forces are still, strong, and you can’t see the weakening of their strengths.

with enough sunshine, they will surely, flourish, not my photo here…

The old branches and the new buds, all did their part to keep the plant alive and well, during the day time when I’m awake, or at night when I’m asleep, they’re still, continuing! As the leaves had, lived out their time, after they’d already, given it their own, withered away, just like the phrase “returning to the roots”, they’d covered up, their original roots then, the fallen leaves helped the soil, from becoming stiffened, from the watering daily, which helps with absorbing the water and the nutrients, as well as with the plant breathing.

In the sunny weathers, I’d sometimes feel their green leaves extensions were, a sort of a delicate cup, time and time again, filled up, with the wines from the sun, drinking it all up, turning the sunshine into the green leaves that they wore! Being with these potted plants, allowed me to be a close observer and witness to their strong life force; one day, if I’d allowed them all, to return back to the earth; I’m certain, that they will, eventually bloom and grow strong again once more, this temporary sort of incarceration, kept them, curled up, inside these, smaller pots, it’d not, destroyed their strong drives toward being alive.

choice of variety available…not my photo.

In all the corners downstairs, there are, all of their brothers and sisters everywhere, the pet grasses, the cacti, sunflower, duckweeds, along with the flowering varieties too, some were planted by folks inside those small pots, some were, planted, down in the parks, some grew on their own, by the waters too. I can’t remember how many times, I was, attracted to just stand there, and watch these plants, live in nature, the beauty they radiated, are of an ordinary, miniscule kind. Even as it’s just a weed, it also owned, it’s specific beauty too, that, is a marking, of how they’re, in existence.

This, is observing nature, and feeling the awe, of how nature can be so beautiful, but the thing is, living in this modern day, busy world of ours, we rarely, take the time to slow down, and enjoying the views, the scenes that are, all around us, because we don’t have the time, we need to go! And, this piece shows, exactly why it’s important, to take your time, to immerse yourselves in the beauties of the natural world…


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