Danced Out His Life in a Wheelchair, He Went to Germany to Compete

Not letting his physical handicap defeat him, from the Newspapers, translated…

Liu, who was diagnosed with a rare condition, hereditary spastic paraplegia, was able to find a fresh new world through ballroom dancing on wheelchairs, the very first time he has the chance to travel abroad, it was to compete in Germany, “ballroom dancing on wheelchairs made me come out of my shell, gave me more confidence, to face up to the challenges of my life.”

dancing with the television personnel, Hou, photo from online.

The 2016 New Taipei City’s IPC Wheelchair Ballroom Competition will be on November 5, 2016, at the Multi-Purpose Gymnasium in Sanchong, and yesterday, the star, Yi-Jun Hou and the wheelchair ballroom dancer, Xiang-Rong Liu danced together, to prepare for the competitions. Being a trained dancer, Hou told, that ballroom dancing on wheelchair is very professional, that it takes even longer, and was harder to learn, than the regular kinds of ballroom dancing.

The wheelchair performer, Liu said, that in his third-grade year, the doctors diagnosed him with mild cerebral palsy, but, with the coming of the years, his joints became stiffened more and more, his hands and legs wouldn’t take commands from his brains, which caused him to get into a car wreck, which was how he was, diagnosed with the rare condition, hereditary spastic paraplegia, and so, despite how he’d not wanted to, he’d become, wheelchair bound.

the man and his dancing partner performing on wheelchair, photo from online.

Liu said, that he’d needed the exercise, to slow the progressions of his illness, seven years ago, he’d started learning ballroom dancing with the manager of the Hsinbei City’s Wheelchair Dancing Foundation, a class a week, each class lasts three hours, “I’d fallen down a lot in practice”, he’d told, that as he’d spun around, he’d needed to, accelerate, or, as he’d lifted up his wheels, he’d used too much force, it’s easy for him, to fly off his wheelchair, or flip backwards.

“Later as my dance instructor told me I was eligible for competition abroad, I was so excited!”, the very first time he is on a flight, it was, to Germany to compete, although the flight of over ten hours is torture to those who are paraplegics, but Liu still felt very excited and happy about it.

So, this is an amazing tale, of how a man who’s handicapped pursued his dreams relentlessly, put in even more hours of hard work, to achieve what he’s able to, and this still showed, that so long as your attitudes are right, you can do just about anything, despite if you have any restrictions of the physical kind.


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