Those Torn-Up Jeans of Our Younger Years, a Treasure Map of Memories


The Torn Up Jeans is Nothing of the Decadent Sort

Walking in the campus, no matter the lengths of those college students’ jeans, there would be, a couple of holes on them, like, if they weren’t torn, then, they’re, no fashionable anymore. The females especially loved those jeans with holes, based off of my observations, the holes are all on the front side, the blue pant legs, showing that white-colored base, or the area close to the thighs, rubbed to torn, seeing the threads of the jeans, against the backdrops of soft silky skins, even more attractive. “Torn”, not because you’re poor, but because you are, trendy.

This reminded me of the hippies back in the 1960s in the U.S., worshipping the worn-out styles of those monks in the Tang Dynasty in ancient Chinese history, barefoot, or wearing torn up, broken shoes (like that man that was not wearing cleanly clothes a few years back on T.V.) and, in order, to fit to the stylings of the mainstream dressers, they’d slit open the jeans, and, made it look like it’d been, worn already, to the point of you’d feel, that if you weren’t careful, you can, rip open the jeans yourselves.

Back in the 1960s, when I was attending teacher’s college, the male often wore their torn-up khaki pants too. Our holes were located around the buttocks, from the long-term abrasions with the chairs that we sat in in class. First, it’s the cloth that’d become, thinned, you can see the sinewy fabric strands with the lighting, and, if you don’t patch it up soon enough, then there would be, holes, from the sizes of fingerprints, to the sizes of eyelids, then, to the size of a small mouth. And, when the holes got to that point, our undershorts would show, and, we’re all, ashamed of exposing ourselves to the world.

The college students who are on a public funding program, for the very first year, the money given to us for our clothes, were used on the beddings, then, the khaki-colored college uniforms, then, every year that followed, we’d needed to, buy ourselves new clothes, so, a pair of khakis would last us, three, to four years. First year, new, second, old, third, torn, fourth, tattered. And naturally, by our fifth year, we’d needed to, have the patches on them then. The students who came from poor homes, naturally couldn’t buy brand new pairs as they’d needed, or because their mothers weren’t close by, and couldn’t bring their clothes home for their mothers to stitch up, can only, patching their own clothes up themselves.

Patched it Up, Not for the Sake of Making Up the Shames

A classmate who’d chosen to specialize in art education, Yi-Xiang, was very well-trained in eastern and western paintings, in his third year as a teacher’s college student, he’d gained the awards for the top place of Chinese calligraphy paintings nationwide, and the awards money was enough, for him to buy several pairs of pants. But, he’d wanted to, exercise his artistry, cut two butterflies out of a piece of cloth, then, sewn on the two buttons, then, attached the butterflies, to the outside of his pants. And, although the buttons were very tiny, it’d still hurt, sitting on top of them, so, in class, Yi-Xiang would take the two butterflies off, and when he needed to get up to walk around, he’d asked his classmates, to pint it on, and, those of us who knew this, were laughing our butts off as he got up to walk around.

picture from the papers…

記憶藏寶圖青春酷褲破損風 圖/圖倪

But, as those two buttons were used time and time again, it’d, get loosened, hard to clip on tightly. Once, he was, walking in a crowded hallway, his pants with the butterflies got everybody’s attention, the girls were, pointing, covering up their mouths and laughing hard. And then, a wind came, blew off one of the “butterflies” he had pinned on, he’d chased after it, called out, “Wait, Romeo, your Juliet’s still at home!”, which caused the girls to start laughing so hysterically, they no longer CARED if they were, ladylike anymore.

And, from being a “Gossip Cool Pants” to a pair of “Butterflies Cool Pants”, plus he was, very talented, in the time when the males and females weren’t allowed to socialize so overtly, he became the first, to get a girlfriend, and, everybody else, including all his classmates, all his professors knew this, and the only one who didn’t know about his romance, was the stickler of the “no romantic relationship” ruler maker, the disciplinary officer at school.

And the jeans that the current younger generation are wearing now, the torn areas, locations, are almost exactly identical; and, if you want to be different, why not, turn your torn up jeans into a canvas of sorts, maybe, you’ll make a name for yourselves, start a brand all your own.

and this, is what’s, “in” these days, not my photograph…

So, the times, surely had, changed, hadn’t it??? From before, we want our clothes to be in one-piece, without ANY holes on them, and now, holes are in, and, those of us, wearing proper jeans are, out-of-date………


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