Trapped, by the Downpour…

Drip, drip, drip, that, was how, it’d, started, than, it’s like, there’s that HUGE storm, that’s causing, the world, to flood…

Trapped, by the downpour, we couldn’t leave, because the wind is too strong, it’d, blown us all away, we couldn’t, steady ourselves, get our feet planted, firmly, on the ground. And the rain, it’s, raging, like anger unleashed, by the wrath of hell!

Going Separate Ways Here…not my picture.

Trapped, by the downpour, we’d become, and, we had nothing else, but one another, or so we thought, to keep each other warm, and then again, one of us became, hypothermic, and took, ALL the heat away, and the other one of us started resenting the one who sucked up ALL the heat………trapped, by the downpour, there’s, no way we can, escape this.

Trapped, by the downpour, maybe, maybe we can, ride out this storm, like we’d done, all the ones previous, remember how the last time a storm like this happened, we thought it was going to, destroy us, but, we were still, standing, together, side by side, hand in hand after that? Maybe, this one, can be, like that last one…

not my picture…

Trapped, by the downpour, we were both, rained down on, and, if we stayed together, we both, end up, stranded, and, eventually, run out of food, and starve ourselves to death, or, we can, go separately, to ensure our chances of survival, as single persons, to max our own chances of survival, and, who knows, maybe, just maybe, after all of this blows over, we’ll, end up, back together again…what, do you think we should do here???


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