Love Became a Serious Cold


A few days before the Mid-Autumn Festivals, my originally active niece was diagnosed with pneumonia suddenly. “She’d coughed for half a month straight, I thought it was nothing more than a cold…in the end, the doctor told us that it was, a mold fungal infection, very serious too.”, my older sister told me.

“Should’ve taken her to the doctors sooner. But, do you know what is a mold fungus?”, I’d inquired, “No, not really.”

中秋節前幾天,原本還活蹦亂跳的外甥女突然被診斷出肺炎。「她咳了半個多月,我還以為...from the papers…

And so, instantly, my niece was, admitted into the hospitals. In the morning, my older sister sent me the news via a cell phone app, in the battlefield of my office, I’d, dodged the gazes of my superiors, and sorted through the message, then, took my cell, to a ditch like secretive place, texted back, “Whatever you need, I’ll bring it to your place after work.”

And, as I’d sent the message, I’d recalled, that that hospital is across the streets from my older sister’s house, perhaps, there is, NOTHING that I can take to her from her home.

“Then, I want that heated food and cake.” My niece made her orders using the group app, after her words, a series of hearts and kisses dragged on, it’d taken place of her playing coy with me. Sometimes, I couldn’t help but believe, that in this process of give and take, it’s the kids who are, very thoughtful, making the orders. “Okay then, I shall bring it!”

I’d rushed over to the hospital after work, and, as I arrived to the hospital, it was, past supper time. My niece sat up, on the rolled-up bed, with her drip in her left arm, she looked wonderful, with a lot of facial expressions, her eyes were clear, even wore those pupil lenses too, with her lipstick on, “are you, really sick? Or, could it be, a misdiagnosis?” I couldn’t help but inquired.

this, is how love feels, and, you just, gotta, ride it out…not my photograph…

“The doctor said half of her lungs are collapsed!”, my older sister told me, then, with that mysteriousness, pointed toward the bed, on the tables, there was, a connected external cell phone lens I couldn’t get for her on my trip to Japan, “Ken was here then.”

“Oh? Didn’t the two of you break up already?”, I asked surprised. My niece gave my older sister the eye, then, my older sister, went outside to find the restrooms, with that look like she was, planning something bad outside.

“I’d just told him, that we can, spend some time apart too…………”, the girl carried that mixture of emotions on her face, told me the reason why they’d broken up. All of a sudden, I’d felt, oh, no, I’d, realized, realized, that this kid, is all grown up, she’d become, this woman, who’d weathered through the heartaches and heartbreaks, an adult, who is able to make the decisions to break up or stay for herself now.

“I think, it’s, an amazing thing, that your first love had, gone bad.”, I’d told her. She’d raised up her lips and cheeks, and, greeted me with her radiant smiles, to hide her teary eyes. “Sometimes, love is like a serious cold, after the fever subsided, you’ll be healthy again…………” back then, I couldn’t quite understand that song, and, years later, now, it’d started, playing, in my head again.

So, this, is how love felt, like a serious cold, you get hot, and cold, all within a matter of days, and, the only thing you can do, to help yourselves get over this bad cold is, riding it out, and take all the meds you were prescribed, and yet, sometimes, those antibiotics don’t even work, you’ll just have to, wait for it to get better on its own…


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