Beginning of Love, a Poem


But Darling, Must You, Live Like So?

Even if, Love Had, Flown, Overhead, Passed Through Your Gloves

Passed, the Boundaries of the Ball Games—Not Exploding, and Every Gentle

Like that Wild Hare, Already, Buried Deep, in that Patch of Dirt Behind You

Even if, it’s, Like an Egg, Not Knowing, Which Hen

Will Lay It Down

not my picture…

Isn’t that You, Who’s Trying, Desperately, to Rid Yourself of

The Fates of Love: the Stones that Pretended Themselves to Be the Balls

The Larvae that Had Yet to, Metamorphose into a Delicious Meal

It’s Destined, to Not Take the Forms of Its Original State of Being

But, They All Have, Hearts of Gold

Is it the Ordering of Things that Troubled You?

not my clipart…

Did You Imagine Those Produces Before it’s Cooked:

Carrots are Still, Carrots, Eggs, Still Eggs

Rabbits Still Rabbits: the Rabbits Ate the Carrots

Or, the Carrots Were Made, into a Dish of Stir-Fried Carrots with Scrambled Eggs

And Still, Thinking that You Were, Loved

That Ball, Kept All the Fuels of the Galaxies In

Shy to, Extend Out its Detonator—

Thought it Was, Wide Open

That it’s the Scores that Seeped Through it, It’d Accidentally, Started the

Chain Reactions of Sporting Events on the Fields, Like How a Star

goodbye love 的圖片結果saying goodbye to that love, finally,  not my picture still…

Accidentally, Walked, into a Patch of Skies

And, Made Someone’s Destiny.

How, Darling, Do I Make You Understand

(You are, Waving Your Hands, Trying, to Chase Away These Metaphors of Mine, These, Wild Hares)

You’re, Stubborn Like an Unexploded Bomb

Like a Fire that Resembled the Carrot that Hung Upside Down

~~~Must it Be So Then? Flew Overhead, Away from the Gloves

Finding the Starting Point of Those Fingers: or Maybe, You will Find

That Pure Hunger without the Love

That Came From the Collapsed Blackhole that Belonged to the Hens

(Could it be, that We’re Not Even, in the Same Story?)

To Return to the Story and Not the Beginning of the Love

If WE Can, Darling

If Our Story, Only Had Love in it?

So, this, is wondering, where the original hearts that fell in love at the very start went, like how things in the universe are getting lost each and every second of the days, love is so easily lost too, and, it’s, really hard, to hold on to it…

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