Seagull, a Poem


Those that Rode the Sea Breezes Here

Will Eventually Return Back to the Seas

Being a Water Fowl

not my photo

As the Other Birds Returned to Nest

Only I, Carried on My Own Injured Reflections

Upon My Beak

Slanted Wings

Worked Hard, Carrying the Weightiness of the Dusk

Being a Water Fowl

The Sea is, My Eternal Bed

Not a Tree Can Understand the Curves of the Waves

Only that Highest Pole in the Harbor

see how high they fly???  Not my photo.

Is Enough, for My Foothold

As I Fell into Dreams

I’d from Time to Time

Dreamed of the Dark Blue Dreams

There are, the Broken Reflections of the Waves

Because We Can Never Fly and Soar High Above the Skies

We Can Only, Use Our Active Imaginations

To Build an Ocean That Never Dries Up

There’s that strong sense of longing, that need to soar high, but, yoinu can’t, because of whatever reasons there might be, and so, you’d used your own imaginations, to help you find your own freedom, that patch of blue clear skies, you can live under.


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