In the ancient city, the vendors of the stand became like silhouettes, with their banners raised and swaying in the wind: “All it takes is three minute, if it doesn’t reflect, then, it’s free!”

My youngest shook her head, “Not fast enough, and, it doesn’t look like me either!”

I can’t help but inquired, “So, who can do it better?”

“The sun, of course!”

剪影 梁正宏˙攝影look at the light and the shadow in this photorgraph…

I looked around at all the people around us, surely, who can cut the portraits faster than the sun can?

As the tourists continued to photograph the glorified ancient city, I found myself, in the silhouettes, going between the memories of old.

Walked into the citadel, seeing the light and shadows of the penthouse, stood half way in, on the bricks of the castles, half way out, reflected, onto the pavements, the blurred exteriors, can’t tell what it looks like from before.

“Not in any likeness!”, I’d called out inside.

“Each and every year, the sun reflected differently!”

This just shows, no matter what, you can’t hold on to those moments you wanted to savor, they will all, pass through your fingers, like those grains of sand on the beaches, and, all you can hold on to, are the memories you shared with your loved ones. Nothing more!


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