The Bubbles of Love

We need to do soemthing, before love goes away for good, translated…

Finally, it’s, just us, soaking here.

The temperatures, just right, and we both, feel fine,

It’s just, that the wind and the snow had, dampened our wings.

“But, we can’t even fly to begin with,” you’d stated.

Says who, having wings is the same as being able to soar high?

Like the love that’s soaked up together, does it necessarily last forever?

Bubbles of love

愛的泡泡。 圖/張耀仁from the papers…

Usually lonely, and hot, temporary, and yet, very, magnificent

Allow us, to soak in it, a little while longer then

Just, get lost in one another’s warm embraces a little longer

Squeezing out all those feelings of loneliness we had, as well as the unsettling feelings too

And let’s, carefully, keep these, bubbles of love we shared.

Like how we took care of our love at the very start,

Like how we’d once, said to each other, in our barely audible voices,

“Hold me a little tighter, love me a little more, okay?”

So, this, is two people, trying to get the love that’s gotten rubbed off by the day-to-day grind back again, and, sometimes, going on a mini-vacation to a spa or to a hotel for a miniature rendezvous will do the trick, sometimes, it won’t, it just depends…

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