An Artificial Lake

an artificial lake somewhere in China, photo from online…


The last day of the long holidays, the sun is already, about to set, he set out on his motorcycle, with me behind him, rode fast, toward a far off, pretty distant, lake located on the outskirts of the city, in the, suburbs. It’s, artificial. He’d stated, I’d, curled my body together, and, hesitated in the cold wind that blew towards me: are we, going there? The skies seem to be, turning dark now, we’d rode for a long time, and, the motorcycle still, ran around in circles, in the streets of the city. An artificial lake? I’d recalled a poem from a long time ago. There was a lake outside. Artificial lake. I’d asked it: why are you, located, in this secluded place? The artificial lake answered, “that way, god can see, that there’s, a solitary teardrop, on the surface of this earth. And, as we’d arrived, the lake does, resemble that, of a single teardrop. But, it was, very, populated. The water, pretty clear, the algae, grown all over, you can also, see the small schools of fishes. There was someone, selling coffee by the lakeside. After we’d circled around it, we’d wanted to leave, but we’d still, bought a cup of coffee. And, I’d, recalled, how on the way here, two young guys were, spray painting the outside walls of the house. And, although, they were, doing graffiti art, but, they had that shine in their eyes. I’d recalled, how if God became bored, toward the end of this, long holiday, he would probably, want to see, what those two young guys were drawing up. Instead, of just, one solitary teardrop. The sky turned dark quickly. We’d, gone back down the way we rode up, there was, NO light on the roads.

So, this, is a trip you’d taken, with someone, and, the artificial lake, although it was, manmade, but, it’d, given people a brief, getaway, from the noisiness of the city life, a temporary escape, from their own reality, which, is probably why, this artificial lake is so populated on the weekends and holidays too.

going someplace special together, not my photo still…


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