Broken Things We Shared

We’d, come to share, many broken things: a family, a love we once knew, among others.

Broken things we shared, we’d come to this place in our lives, way past, the make-or-break point! Broken things we shared, why am I, compelled, to share broken things with you? Do I love, torturing myself so? Do I still have that feeling of love for you left inside of my heart? Or, am I just, too afraid of the unknowns of the future, that I’d, much rather, be STUCK, in this FUCKED up marriage of mine with you, huh???

not my picture…

Broken things we shared, oh, look at that, it’s that child we had together, Porcelain, she’d just, shattered, because we fought too loudly once, whilst she was, already in bed!

Broken things we shared, tons of dishes that flew from the kitchen into the dining room and living room, because, we fought, with knives, and, when we fight, we refused to lose, or cave, so the other can win…

Broken things we shared, we will never again, share anything that’d already been, broken, we are now, exes, there’s, NO turning THAT around now.

not my sketch…





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