Five Steps, a Poem

not my photo…

A poem, translated…

The Sculpture of the Mermaid with a

Sea Snail in Her Hand

With the Head Tilted Like She was Drinking from the Shells, Blowing on it

The Spring Sprung from the Fountains

photo from online…

The Refracted Light into Seven Colors into the Throats

On Her Left Breast

There were, Five Cracks, with the Mosses Growing in the Crevasse

See Through the Water

The Scales Swayed on Her Lower Body

Like a Skirt, Trembling, the Tail Fins

Split into a Legs

not my art…

With the Coins Stacked up to the Knees

The Water Became Turbulent

Erasing All the Images

Five Steps Away

Someone Silently

Lifted Her Right Foot, with the Faded Out Painted Nails

With the Blood Vessels on the Foot Showing

not my

So, this, is how one interacts with one’s own environment then? You go to a place to sightsee, and, you’d encountered something



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