Just Right


I’d once imagined how a love begins: usually start on a just-right temperature, and I’d just, put my makeup on that’s suited for the spring time, then, we’d, bumped into one another, with the gentle breeze, the birds chirping, we’d, chatted on slow, on everything, can’t seem to stop, but, we’d never, touched each other in the process, until the streetlamps started lighting up, we’d, made a date for the next time.

from this…

I’d actually, rehearsed this time and time again inside my mind, and, forced myself, to put on the most perfect makeup before I head out. I’d tried, to catch the eyes of every man I come across, to try, to find out, if he’s the one, that we can finally, begin the love. And yet, year, after year, after year, I’d, come home alone.

On a day, without the gentle breeze or the birds calling, I’d not prepared myself to head out, let alone, mentioning, that day we went to the karaoke bars to drink and sing. I’d, become, dutifully drunk, you, mildly, intoxicated, although we’d tried conversing, but, our friends’ singing and screaming had, silenced us both. I’d not gazed into your eyes, but, held hands tightly with you, for the, entire night. How many people showed, what they sang, I’d, completely, forgot, all the memories, are on my hands; your thumb had, slowly, played with my thumb, the entire night, and, we’d, engaged in this sort of a nonverbal communication all evening long.

to this…

Later on, I’d understood, that, nothing defines, and, it was, nothing I could plan out. Just right, is, just right, under the circumstances of not expecting things to happen, and, everything matched up, and, connected.

So, when you forced the love, it just, won’t come right, but, when you’d, let go, relaxed, and let things flowed naturally, it happens, and that, is just how love is, you can’t force it, no matter how much you long for it, you can only, wait, and be patient, and have faith, that the right person will come along………


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