The Keeper of the Crop Circles

許詠翔    的圖片結果the baker who wrote the article, photo from online…

Having someone, to support your dreams, someone right there, for you, to lean on when the times got touch, on opening up shop, translated…

I’d started, journeying on this path of no return, baking, because I was raised around it.

My mother has this persistence and insistence of bread, and, although back then, there were, those soft, fluffy breads, she’d loved those European style breads with the chewiness and the scent of the grains, she’s, very thought forward in it.

My mother originally worked as an account at my father’s business, and, when I’d started opening my restaurant “Chef Friends”, I’d naturally asked her to help me out with the books. For seventeen, eighteen years, the workers came and went, only she’d stayed.

It is really hard, being a business owner that’s for certain, she saw the hardships I’d weathered, and felt awful for me. And, in order, to help me live my dreams, she’d given me, unconditional supports, and, just stood behind me silently, and now, she’s, seventy-three, and still the most energetic worker in my company, and, she’d become, my pillar of strength without herself knowing it.

We’d passed through all the ups and downs, and, faced all the trials that came head on. As we approached a difficult time, she’d asked me, “Can you manage? Do we, give up now?”, and, I’d always replied, in a settled tone, “No, let’s, keep on going!”, she’d replied, “Okay then, no problem, I will back you up!”, and, during the answering and asking, it’s, as if, she’s, setting up a foundation to be strong for me.

A small bread, because of the love that’s, kneaded into it, it’d contained, a ton of energies, and, this, happening every single day, had, made me into who I am, and, I’d found, that in the process of kneading, leaving the breads, baking the breads, taking the breads out of the ovens, placing it onto the shelves, and, having them taken away by the customers, sharing, is what brings us, the most satisfaction.

let’s bake bread!!!  Photo from online…

To this day, a simple thank you wouldn’t suffice, I’d hugged tightly to my mother, “Mom, this patch of wheat field, we’d made ourselves!”, the taste I wanted to make for my mom, started with a grain, and, planting it down once more, into this soft land.

I’d had ups and downs on the path to baking, but, because of how there’s always this shiny light in front of me. No matter how long or dark the road, because of my mother’s company, I no longer feel that I’m fighting alone. She’s like the keeper of the patches, forever standing there, watching over the small saplings as they grown, to keep them from being destroyed.

So, this, is how intimate you are with your mother, she’s the supporter of your dreams, and, without her, you couldn’t possibly, own a shop now, and, it’s because of her never-ending love, unchanging support of her child’s dreams, that’s made your shop a success.


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