What I’m Writing about…

What I’m writing about, is NONE of YO BEEWAX (and I apologize for my “tone” here!!!), so, BACK off, and, STOP trying to, silence me already…

What I’m writing, is nobody’s business but mine, because, I write, for myself, because I’d found the strengths I’d needed in writing, and now, I’m voicing my self so very, loudly here!

not my photo…

What I’m writing, what’s it to you, huh???  And, what RIGHT have you, ot SILENCE me, huh?  If you don’t like reading what I’m writing on here, then, TURN your heads away, people, you don’t have to liek me, just like I don’t have to like you either…

Besides, why do Y-O-U care, WHAT I’m writing on here, huh?  This, is MY space online, and, remember, that you are, a mere GUEST in this big HOUSEof mine, so I expect ALL my visitors to be on their best behaviors, because I will also, be on MY best behaviors, when I visit someone else’s place too, and that, is just somethign that is, reciprocated…………

You have NO business, telling ME, how I’m to, live MY life, live your lives the best you can, then, you come to me, and compare your selves to me, huh???






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