Kiss, a Poem

Not as romantic or enjoyable as you might think, translated…

Kiss, is Swapping

The Germs Inside One Another’s Mouths

Trading the Ulcers, and the Saliva that You Have Separately

The Destinies, the Secrets

not my photo…and, EWWWW, G-E-R-M-S!!!

Along with Those Untold Love, Pains, as Well, as

The Sicknesses Too

Opening Up One’s Own

Softest Wounds

Seeking One Another’s Gentleness

Love, is that Very First Kiss after the Night’s

Embraces, in the Bright and Early Autumn Morning

After the Kiss

a perfect kiss here, not my picture still…

The Willingness, to Share the Bad Breaths of Yesterdays

For the Sake of a Brand New Day

So, this, is what loving a person is all about, isn’t it? Accepting her/him completely, for who s/he is, without ANY disgust, and yet, how many of us, can honestly say, that we love whoever the HELL it is we love like that? Not very MANY, would be MY G-U-E-S-S!!!


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