My Son, the Delivery Man

Finding the RIGHT job for you, not letting anybody else’s opinions of what you do, get in the way of you, living your life, translated…

My son is a transporter on a motorcycle, all day long, he’d ridden his motorcycle, passed in and out of the small and big streets, to deliver the items at the specified time from the clients. The general consensus about this job is that it doesn’t take any skills or higher education knowledge, and so, he’d often gotten questioned on what was the purpose of him, attending and graduating from university, then, doing this.

As he’d started working, my son effectively used Google maps to find where he was making his deliveries, and, cut his worktime in half; and when the customers complained about the deliveries, he’d visited the customers in person, and learned about their separate grievances, then, the customers, usually, withdrew their complaints on him, he’d established his reputation that way. And, when he didn’t need to make the deliveries, he’d gone to his coworkers, to learn about the internal workings of the company, to get to know this field of work inside out, so he could work in the offices, and out on the roads as well.

“Here’s what you ordered!”  Not my photo.

He’d worked for two years in the industry now, and, my son gloated on how he’d become, a human map, that there was, NO addresses he couldn’t find, in metro Taipei. He’d always gotten the chance to resolve the returns, or the issues with deliveries, and, trained himself in problem-solving skills, because he didn’t want to be called, someone with a degree, but without the skills, and, set the goal of being a deliveryman willing, to accept any sort of challenges, and not just your ordinary delivery person.

On the weekends, he’d ridden his motorcycle out, to his delivery area, to find the shortcuts he can take, so he didn’t have to, stuck in traffic, to make his deliveries more efficient. And, he would, review the websites of his clients, and get to know the various products the clients are selling, to design the wrapping packages, that’s perfectly fitted to the items, to reduce damages, and the complaints too. And, this method had, made his customers satisfied, and, he’d felt, very proud of what he did too.

That day, I was chatting with him, he’d told me, that other than getting to know the routes on his days off, head up the mountains, to see the sights, to de-stress, asking his friends out to movies, playing online games on his days off, he’d usually stayed home, to check out the routes, and the more information he has, the easier work became, and chances of him getting into a jam, is, greatly reduced. He loved this sort of busying about, but not busying blind way of life, and, if someone asked him the purpose of him going to university, he’d clearly state to them, “So I can know how to live my life.”

boxes, waiting to be delivered to the people who’d ordered them, photo from online…

Hearing my son talking about the goings-on of his life, I’m truly glad, that work had, made him think, made him act more maturely, I’d patted him on his tanned arm, encouraged him, that everybody has a different lifepath to follow, so long as you’re living the life you enjoyed, and working hard, making your living, how CARES what others may think of you.

So, here, we have, a young man, who did what he knew was right for him, didn’t let ANYBODY else’s beliefs get to him, and, he was able to, become more efficient in his work, getting higher customer satisfaction, by being, so committed to his own work, and, he knew how to, de-stress too, and he’d found, that perfect balance between work and play!


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