Pulled Aside by the Dreams


Can’t Figure out, what this round-shaped stone slab, that’s related to the world, the universe, has anything to do with me

Me, who’s so miniscule, what, does it want me, to carry?

夢拉開的 林煥彰from the papers…

Everything got caught up in the wind and the rain: the changes of the moon, the sun, the clouds, the assortment of expressions of emotions too;

The quietness of the night, I, don’t exist.

I only exist, in my own meditation,

Going in and out, in between, the universe, in and outside of that cave………

Sounds like someone wants to isolate oneself from the world, and, that’s a normal thing, because, we may all feel that the world is getting too loud, too distracting for us to live in, and we just want to, tune the world out, lock it out of our selves, but, sometimes, we just, couldn’t, because we hadn’t, mastered the meditation techniques yet…

not my animation…curtains opening animation 的圖片結果


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