The Day-to-Day Happenings on a Trip


The autumn and winter cold winds started blowing through Shodoshima by early October, and the once-every-three-year Setouchi Art Fest, the autumn sessions was on. The “locals” from all around Japan, as well as foreigners from the rest of the world are about to, meet up, on this tiny island.

not my photo…

There’s not many busses on Shodoshima, and, sometimes when you’d missed a route, the next bus wouldn’t come for two hours. And because of that, I’d arrived at the bus station to wait, it’s just that at the assigned time, the bus still hadn’t shown. My first impressions of the Japanese culture is how punctual they are, could it be, that I’d, misread the routes and the times too? At which time, a girl, with curly short hair, thick-rimmed glasses, flannel shirt, like she’d come out of a Japanese movie. Staring at me, who looked eastern too, stated a series of sentences in Japanese, I looked at her, subconsciously, nodded my head, when she paused, until the tone of her voice lifted upward, sounded like a question to me, plus, it seemed, that she was, waiting for me to respond, I’d told her, that I wasn’t fluent in Japanese.

Although she seemed to have understood, she’d still glared at me, and talked some more, then, shook her head, walked toward the beach. Looking down at my watch, the bus is five-minutes late now. Looking at her walking farther and farther, a thought came to me: she probably asked me about the bus, then, I’d, kept turning my head, and chased her down. And, soon enough, the bus arrived, “Lucky! Lucky!”, she’d smiled and patted my panting back.

We both got off at Fukuda Port, before we parted, she’d handed me a bag of smiley cookies. There was a famous Shinto temple close by, right next to it, was the namely art showroom, “Fukutake House”, it’s closed today. And, as I’d turned to visit the Shinto temple, the “girl with the smiley cookies” and I brushed shoulders, and she’d smiled that helpless smile at me, “God damn it! God damn it!” watching her leave, I thought, a trip that derails us from our everyday routines, is still, filled with that everydayness then!

So, this just shows, no matter where you are, you can go off to a foreign country, and, if your mindset is still the same, you won’t find anything different. This shows how attitude is still more important, if you live from day to day with a positive attitude, then, your world will be brighter, and on the contrary, if you don’t, then, your days are, becoming, darker and darker…






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