The Female Officer is in a Coma, His Boyfriend Promised to Never Leave Her Side, and Hoped for a Miracle

The depth of the love this man has for his girlfriend is amazing, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

“Didn’t you always want a special proposal, I’m sure, that this time it’s special; I’d already, taken your hands in this life, and, you will be mine, in the next lifetime, for the twenty, thirty years that follows, you will, be next to me.” The female officer, Ming-Huei Chen while chasing a drunk driver, got into a crash, suffered head trauma and fell into a coma, her boyfriend took a ring, and showed up at the hospital, and, made her a promise for life, hoping, that miracle can happen.

Ming-Huei Chen’s family and friends took the balloons to the hospital, to give her the encouragement to keep on fighting for her life, saw her boyfriend, placing a ring on her ring finger, they were all, very touched; her friends and family told, that Chen had dated her boyfriend for a decade already, they’re very close, and, they’d often taken the kids in their separate households out to travel, and everybody has nothing but good things to say about their relationship, but, she was hit by a car and became comatose.

it’s like this, photo from online…

Chen’s boyfriend told, that he and Ming-Huei met at the cram school for college entrance exam re-takes, back then, they were both, working hard in school, and, didn’t start dating until they were both in the university; they interacted like any normal couple, would joke and make fun of one another, and would offered each other the emotional supports too, became one another’s trash cans, to pour out the displeasures they’d had at work to one another.

He said, that after Ming-Huei graduated, she’d worked in an advertising company, but, didn’t have a steady income; he believed that Ming-Huei is a good student, so, he’d suggested her to take the exams to become a police officer, he’d worked for a life insurance company. Their biggest dream is after they had steady incomes, to take Ming-Huei’s great aunt to Taipei to live with them, and, they’ll have a simple but proper wedding, and, live a happy life, and, originally, this plan would’ve gone through at the start of next year, but now, it’s all, changed.

The hospital pointed out, that because of the swelling inside Chen’s brains it’d pressed down on her brain stem, she couldn’t breathe on her own, her blood pressures was, very low, and there’s too much at risk to operate on her now, they’re still putting her under observation; and, Chen is about to face the trials of “is she going to live”, “will she wake up”, “can we operate on her”, these few days would be key, in determining this.

And so, this, is how strong their love is, the man’s devotions to his girlfriend is amazing, and, he will stay by her side, through everything, and, all we can do, is hope, that this woman will wake up from her coma, and so, the lovebirds will finally, start their lives together.


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