A Woman Who Took Her Deceased Husband’s Photo Everywhere She Goes


My youngest sister-in-law told me with excitement, “eldest sister-in-law, there was a customer in the shop the other day, you will totally want to meet her, because she’s very special! She had an elderly man’s photo with her as she’d eaten her meals here, after she finished, and was about to leave, she’d reminded the man in the photo, ‘honey, we’re headed home now.’”

After I’d heard my youngest sister-in-law’s description, I’d become, very curious toward this customer, and finally, a few evenings ago, this graceful elderly woman came to the shop for supper again.

攜夫遺照的她 圖/Swawafrom the newspapers…

I’d smiled and gone to take their order, the middle-aged woman asked her, “Mom, what do you want to eat?”, I’d immediately introduced them to the freshly picked loofa from my father-in-law’s vegetable garden, fresh and delicious, and fitting for elderly to eat. As I’d brought the dishes to them, I’d found, that just as my youngest sister-in-law told me, the elderly woman scooped up some food, and brought it to the elderly man’s pictures, then, sent the food into her mouth next, without missing a mouthful of food. Seeing the elderly woman, with her left arm around the photo, and her right arm getting the food, slowly, enjoyed her supper, I’d gone up to ask her, “Grandma, how do you like the food? Can you introduce me to the elderly man in the photo, that you’re taking really good care of in the photograph?”

The elderly woman smiled and nodded, “He’s my husband, here, don’t be afraid!”, there was, this elderly man, with the gentle and kindness about him. Seeing how softly the elderly woman gazed at the photo of her deceased husband, my heart melted. She’d told me, that a month after her husband died, she’d dreamed that he’d come back home, hugged her, and told her, that he will be with her wherever she goes.

“From that day forward, no matter where I go, I’d taken my husband’s photo along, like how I’d taken him everywhere with me when he is still alive.” The elderly woman was dressed up simply, with simple jewelries, but, there’s that flair about her, that just, shone through; she’d walked lightly, with her back straight, I would’ve never guessed, that she was, already ninety years old.

what a final picture of someone looks like, found online…

As the middle aged man came to pay for the meals, I’d told him, “Your mom is very healthy, loved your father very deeply, very hard to see these days!”, but the man told me, that he was actually, the elderly woman’s driver, that he’d worked for the family half of his life, and that was why he’d called her, “Mom!”. “She is really close to her husband, had carried that photograph with her everywhere she’d gone for eight years.” The middle aged man also told me, that she and her husband were both philanthropists.

The elderly woman’s love for her husband transcends through time and space, like that bottle of aged wine, stayed with me a long time.

It is hard, to find a love like this, and, the elderly woman’s taking her husband’s photo everywhere she went, is probably her way of keeping his memories alive for her, or that they were, very much in love, and couldn’t be separated, even by life AND death.


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