Collecting Rocks, and Finding a Brand New Sky to Soar


The Elite Connoisseur Had Once Been Cheated Again and Again, and Accidentally Bought a Fake Precious Gem that Reduced His Own Wealth by a Considerable Bit, But He’d Still, Loved the “Fakes” with All His Heart…………

Cheng-Lun Lee who received the EGL European precious gems agency rights, is a student of my experimental science class. Several outstanding elites had, come out of this class that I’d taught, he’s one of them, but success isn’t by chance, as he was growing up, he was brave, in having a dream, chasing after it, and, building it up, that, was how, he was able to, walk a different path.

Unafraid of the Voice that Negated Him, Bravely Chased After His Own Dreams

Back then, after this class that I’d taught had, graduated, I’d, started working in the office, and, we’d, gone our separate ways, the students became the kites with the strings severed, flew their separate ways, never kept in touch. Take for instance, Chen-Lun Lee, he’d worked as a seller of jades at the marketplace, to put what he’d learned to use, and to earn his own tuition at the same time, and I’d not known of this part of his life at all. Until December 3rd, 2015, I emceed the very LAST school celebration of Dou-Huan Elementary School, he’d shown up as an outstanding alumnus, that, was when I’d learned, that he’d, made something of himself, set up his own brand of jewelries, and had made television appearances often too.

一路玩石頭,玩出一片天。 圖/奚佩璐from the papers…

Cheng-Lun Lee grew up in the sixties and seventies, back then, the parents paid a ton of attention to the children’s academic performances, believed, that school is the surest way to move up. He, who was from a military family, had just his father’s measly pays, plus he’d carried the heavy expectations of his family, worked hard in school, made good grades. And, if you ask me what was the unique difference between him and my other students, it’s that he knew what he wanted to do at a very early age; he was intrigued by the rocks, and, even as his families expected and hoped him to become a school instructor, and became unsupportive of his hobby, he’d still, persisted in his own pursuits.

He lives close to Zhonggang Creek, and kids from his era didn’t have toys, they’d made their toys from what they can get their hands on. The rocks that were washed down from Nanzhuan Mountain, onto the riverbeds, became his toy. And, the new course started with the chapter on “Playing with Rocks”, in order to help increase the students’ observing abilities, I’d often taken the classroom outdoors, for instance: heading to the rivers to pick up the rocks and classify them, observe the way the land is moving, etc., etc., etc., the kids, from all the activities I’d provided them with, and found their own separate areas of interests.

I’d worked in the field of education for forty-four years on end, and I’d found, that hobbies are, hardest, to develop into a career, most of the parents only cared about the grades, never asked the students about what they’d learned outside of the academia, and even separated the school’s courses as academic and electives, and not missed out on a single class of the academics, and totally, neglected the importance of the electives. This caused most of the students to become leaves, sinking and rising in the waves of the oceans; but still, Cheng-Lun Lee had, followed his own goals, step, by step, trekked on, and even as he’d tripped and fallen, he’d, gotten back up, grabbing onto a handful of sand, kept pushing himself forward.

not my photo…

There’s Differences in the Gems Being Real or Fakes, But, There’s No Difference in Loving Them

After graduation, we’d had even less time to spend together, I’d only heard he was in the jewelry business, that he was, outstanding in it, opened up a chain store. I’d often defined jewelries as “an extravagance of upper class”, because I’d not found it interesting, I’d never, taken a serious look at the field, until Cheng-Lun Lee had, invited me to write the preface of his new book, that, was when I’d started reading his biography. And ever since, I’d learned, that he, who is now, a famous connoisseur, had been cheated too, and spent almost ALL his fortunes on a fake gem, and although his wealth shrunk overnight, he’d still loved, the “fakes” just the same, didn’t stop loving gems because he was cheated. He’d treated all his favorite pieces like they’re unique and the only ones in the world, like how parents loved their children, no matter how if the children are overcome with disabilities. And, his love toward these precious stones, changed my views about jewelries.

Seeing how he’d used his sharpened eyes, and sorted through the gems discarded by others, used his persisting mind, to live out his most primitive and simplest, purest dreams, I’m truly grateful, that I had the chance, of teaching him once, and I can’t help, but recalled the past, and wanted to share this story of the growth into manhood, to all the children in this current generation, that playing with the rocks and the stones, you can, become something in life too.

not my photo still…

So, it don’t matter how your dreams may seem to others, the important thing is what your dreams are to Y-O-U, and you have the right, to chase after your dreams, to live them, and, if you persisted in your pursuits of your own dreams, disregarding what the outside world tells you to do, then, you just might have a chance, like this man, to HIT his gold mine, becoming an ELITE in whatever field it is you chose to work in too!


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