In the Heat of Our Love

Our love was, so passionate, so heated up, and, it’d, burned us both, scorched up the world around us, making us both ache inside and out!

In the heat of our love, our love just, spread, like a wildfire, with the wind helping it grow and grow, and grow, and, all the little critters in this small forest of ours, well, they all, scattered, for their lives, rammed all over the places in a panic, ‘cuz they don’t want to get burned up.

the love that burned 的圖片結果not my photo…

In the heat of our love, I’d found it, the ashes that remained, after the love burned down, and, I’d, grabbed, a handful of those ashes, and, after examining it closely, I’d, thrown it, far, far away from me.

In the heat of our love, everything happened, so very quickly, without allowing us the time to react, to what was about to HIT us next, because, what hit us were, the seriousness of the worst kinds of storms, combined, an assortment of, you-can-prepare-for natural disasters, the earthquakes, the hurricanes, the tornadoes, the volcanic eruptions too………

the fires that spread, not my photo here still…

In the heat of our love, well, everything was, destroyed, like how after the forest fires spread through the plains, there’s, basically, NOTHING that’s living or alive left??? Yeah, it’s, EXACTLY like T-H-A-T!


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